What is your WHY?

Whenever you have a goal you want to accomplish or a dream that you want to become a reality, you must simply ask yourself.. WHY. What is it about this goal or dream of yours that makes it important to accomplish? Why are you so passionate about what you do? When I was in college … More What is your WHY?

Overcoming Fear

  Have you ever lost an opportunity in your life because you were afraid? Is there something that could change your life right now, but the fear of the unknown or the risk holds you back? At some point we all face a fear that paralyzes us to a degree. How long that fear lasts … More Overcoming Fear

I Have a DREAM…

Most children have an imagination. They DREAM of many things they’d like to do in life. Next thing they know, its high school graduation and one must decide what they’re going to do after high school. Some go to college, others enlist in the military or join the work force. It is then that many … More I Have a DREAM…

Take the Blame

One thing many people tend to do in society is place blame on others when things aren’t going good. Instead of finding a solution to the problem , they avoid accountability and blame someone or something for their problems. I remember when I was a young personal trainer and decided I wanted to open up … More Take the Blame

Beast Mode

The world can come at you with a hard pace, relentless attitude, and knock you down time and time again. The question in that moment isn’t will you get back up. No, we know you’ll get back up. The question is, what will you do to overcome getting knocked down again? It takes a new … More Beast Mode

Attitude of Excellence

You’ve heard the phrase practice makes perfect. That’s a nice statement, but it’s only half the equation. Practice will make you better, but practice and repetition by themselves won’t give you excellence. The other half to that equation is attitude. You see, excellence is not found in repetition, but rather it’s an attitude. It’s not … More Attitude of Excellence