Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight the first thing someone should know is the math behind it: 3,500 calories is equal to one pound of fat. That means that in a week, someone would have to either eat 500 calories less or burn 500 more to lose a pound a week. To get an idea of how … More Weight Loss

Get the Facts Jack

Worry is quite consuming. It consumes your time, it consumes your thoughts, it consumes your energy. Not only does it consume those things, but it also has a drastic negative effect on the rest of your outlook on life, your overall health, not to mention it causes you to become distracted on not have the … More Get the Facts Jack

Pinpoint Accuracy

Think of all the successful men and women leading the way in their respective fields. Now imagine all the hard work they’ve put into becoming the high achievers – the endless nights, the constant learning, the failures and lessons from them. There’s no doubt that with success come those experiences, and much more, but there … More Pinpoint Accuracy

At a Crossroad

At several points in our life there is a dividing line, a fork in the road so to speak. When we come to that place we must make a decision. Believe it or not, though, the decision isn’t the part we should be most concerned about. Leaving the door open to return is what causes people … More At a Crossroad