Our Mission


The Infused Life exists to provide people with tools they need to be successful and dominate their life.


We accomplish our mission by implementing the following methods: Leadership Development, Mindset Elevation, Habit Formation, and Healthy Lifestyle.

The avenues in which we implement these methods are: Podcasts, Personal Life Coaching, Business and Organization Coaching, Social Media, Blogs, Speaking, Trainings, and Videos.

Our Values

We Focus on Progress Not Perfection

Perfectionism can debilitate, while progress will liberate. We take a look at each situation and circumstance and see how we can make it better in a balanced way.

We are Visionary, but Under One Vision

There are a numerous possibilities on how we obtain our vision and we will use various methods of creativity to do this, but while in the process, we stay united under one vision.

We Epitomize Excellence

There are those who settle for average, those who settle for just good, even those who go after greatness. None of these options are for us. When we set out to do something, nothing short of excellence will be enough.

We Eat the Meat and Leave the Bones

We constantly seek to learn and do so from everyone and everything while including a variety of inspirations in our efforts.

We Take People to the Next Level

Many small steps equals great leaps forward. Our goal is to equip people to reach another level of success one step at a time.