Pinpoint Accuracy

Think of all the successful men and women leading the way in their respective fields. Now imagine all the hard work they’ve put into becoming the high achievers – the endless nights, the constant learning, the failures and lessons from them. There’s no doubt that with success come those experiences, and much more, but there is one thing all successful men and women have in common and it’s the foundation on which their success has been built.

Can you answer the following question: What is my definite purpose in life? If you aren’t able to answer that question don’t feel bad quite yet because only 5% of people who are asked that question are able to give an answer of yes. And as fate would have it, those 5% who can answer that question are more successful than the other 95% combined.mission-statement-cartoon

Even if you have what you would define as a purpose in life, can you say that it clearly defines what you are doing in life right now? Now, there’s always a starting point in the pursuit of living the life you’ve imagined, but sadly most people who would say they have a purpose in life, aren’t living it out. Why is that? Could it be that your purpose is too broad and not properly defined? Here’s an example of what some people would give when telling someone of their purpose. Keep in mind the broadness of it:

“My definite purpose in life is to be of as much service to the world as possible and earn a good living.”

Most of us would say that’s a noble purpose and if someone was to accomplish it, they would most likely live a full and meaningful life. The problem with that purpose is that it’s not defined very well. When you are thinking of a purpose for your life, you must think with pinpoint accuracy. There must be no room for questions. For example what type of service would be in that purpose statement? What area of the world are they talking about? What really defines a good living? All of these questions shouldn’t be there in well defined purpose that has pinpoint accuracy.

A better purpose, or mission, statement would be this:

“My definite purpose in life is to earn enough money so I can serve 6 months out of the year helping orphaned children in Kenya.”

With that statement, there is a clear purpose and the what, where, how, and why is all answered in one statement. It’s concise and to the point and would give the person who made it up a path to follow to achieve that life purpose.

To start, just write down your life purpose. This may take a while to figure out, but don’t put any boundaries on it. Once you have that statement, however long or short it is, begin the editing process and narrow it down to a clear and concise statement that drives all you do in life.