Multivitamins: Should you take them?

Getting the right nutrients into our bodies is vitally important. With a proper diet of whole foods, we should get all of the vitamins we need. However, many people choose to take a multivitamin to compensate for a potential lack of nutrients in their diet. A multivitamin can be an option for those with poor nutrition as a result of age, low intake of certain food groups, restrictive diets, or illness.

There are many multivitamins available so the next question is which one should you take? The answer is different for each person depending upon various factors such as gender, age and current health.  You must find the one that is best for you.Mulitvitamins Always consult with your physician before taking any vitamin or supplement. Your doctor can recommend a vitamin if needed. There can be risks in taking vitamins. Taking too much of one kind of vitamin or mineral could cause decreased absorption of another kind, resulting in a deficiency.

So before beginning to take a multivitamin, first assess your diet as a whole. If you currently consume fortified foods and beverages regularly, adding a multivitamin on top could push you over the recommended amounts for certain nutrients. Remember, it’s always best to get our vitamins from whole foods.