Refined Sugar vs. Fruit Sugar

We’ve had people send emails asking about the high levels of sugar in fruit, that they are afraid to eat fruit because it has a lot of sugar. Sugars from fruit actually support health while refined sugars do not. Refined sugars cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar level that could raise your risk of diabetes or other chronic diseases. A large number of processed foods contain refined sugars which can pose a health problem.

The sugar contained in fresh fruit (fructose) is not refined but natural to the fruit. For most people, the benefits of eating fruit outweigh any disadvantages sugarposed by its sugar content. Fruit contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are all essential to our health. It is recommended that we eat approximately four to six servings of vegetables a day and one to two servings of fruit. While we do want to eat more vegetables than fruit, most people shouldn’t totally eliminate fruit from their diet. Please note that we’re speaking of fresh fruit. Stay clear of packaged fruit in syrups. That syrup is full of refined sugars.

Each of our bodies may handle certain fruits differently. I for one get bloated after eating a few fruits such as bananas, while other people do not have this issue. You have to try a variety of fruits and see which ones, if any, give you issues. But fruits that are high in sugar content, are still much healthy than man made products with the same amount of sugar.