The Leader Casts the Vision

There may not be a more important aspect of leadership than being able to cast vision. Vision is what gets people motivated, on your side, and willing to do things they wouldn’t normally do because they are so stirred up by the cause they will stop at nothing to help achieve it. Being able to cast a vision in such a way that it compels people to get on board is what sets apart the great leaders from the exceptional ones.

You could say that casting a vision is an art and the leader is the artist. When the artist has completed the work, it’s either a compelling piece of work or something to yawn at. It’s the same way when a leader casts the vision; it will either compel people or it will make them yawn.  Here are a few tips on how to compel your audience with your vision.

The Vision Must Be Clear

There is nothing more frustrating when someone is talking about something important and you have no idea what in the world they are talking about. The vision must be clear. It must be presented in a way that when the audience hears what you have to say, they walk away with a strong sense of what the vision is about. Answer the when, where, how and why questions when you cast the vision. Make it clear.

The Vision Must Be Precise

Along with being clear, the vision must be precise. It must pinpoint the direction of where things are going or people will get lost and confused. When casting a vision, less is more. The more you can be precise and to the point, the easier it will be for people to understand and feel like they can accomplish the task at hand.

The Vision Must Be Motivational

Finally, you must, and I mean must, have charisma and passion when you are presenting the vision. All your hard work of preparation and planning will go down the drain instantly if you do not compel people to go after the vision. In order to accomplish this, you must get people’s hearts involved and be able to stir up the emotional side of their interest rather than the intellectual side. The intellectual side will come later, but if you don’t get the heart first, you won’t get the brains later.

When you can put these three tips in place and become great at doing them, even mastering at least one of them, you will become a compelling leader. A leader someone will drop everything to follow. All because you have a clear vision and are able to communicate it very effectively. Practice makes perfect. If you would like more coaching or training on this subject, or any leadership aspect, please contact us and we will help you become a more effective leader.