What is your WHY?

Whenever you have a goal you want to accomplish or a dream that you want to become a reality, you must simply ask yourself.. WHY. What is it about this goal or dream of yours that makes it important to accomplish? Why are you so passionate about what you do? When I was in college I had a friend that was extremely passionate about his studies. I knew plenty of people that worked hard in school and got good grades but they were still able to go out and have fun. I never saw my friend attend a party, a game or even hang out. He went to school during the day and worked most nights. One day I asked him WHY? How come you don’t want to go to the party, the game or just have some fun? WHY do you work every night after classes? He told me he worked after classes because his tuition was only partially covered and he didn’t want to take any student loans. The reason he didn’t go to parties, games or just hang out wasn’t because he didn’t necessarily want to. It was because no one in his family had ever went to college. Before his grandmother died he promised her that he would get his degree. That was his WHY. There was no room for error, he had to graduate college. If that meant not going out like most college kids do, then so be it. Finding your WHY will give you the drive, focus and energy you need to pursue your dreams and conquer your goals. So when you think you want to get somewhere in life and you believe you’re ready to start that journey, ask yourself…WHY?