Take the Blame

One thing many people tend to do in society is place blame on others when things aren’t going good. Instead of finding a solution to the problem , they avoid accountability and blame someone or something for their problems. I remember when I was a young personal trainer and decided I wanted to open up a personal training studio with a friend of mine. Taking the BlameI felt like I did everything I could have done, but months later we still didn’t have the studio. I blamed my friend for not working hard enough and had it not been for him, we would have had the studio. What I failed to realize was that there was plenty I could have done to help him. Instead of saying I did my 50% now you do yours! I could have helped him with issues he was having. I have since learned that the real problem was my attitude and unwillingness to help that was really the reason why that particular business venture didn’t take off.
When you look at your life and see things you don’t like you have to accept accountability. Take the blame! Figure out what you’re doing wrong and make adjustments. Learn a lesson and take what you learned with you. You have to detach yourself from the problem and move forward. It’s best to learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make the same ones repeatedly. Start taking the blame for yourself and see how much better you feel moving forward!

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