Attitude of Excellence

You’ve heard the phrase practice makes perfect. That’s a nice statement, but it’s only half the equation. Practice will make you better, but practice and repetition by themselves won’t give you excellence. The other half to that equation is attitude. You see, excellence is not found in repetition, but rather it’s an attitude. It’s not what you do, but rather who you are.
Here’s a big difference between repetition and attitude: The results of repetition are often boredom, assumptions, bad listening and a contrived result that fails.  The goal of excellence, however, unleashes energy, innovation, passion, and commitment.
So ask yourself, “What attitude am I projecting?” If you lead a team, ask your teams, “How do we produce excellent results?” If the answers focus primarily on executing a fixed plan, they may believe that excellence is achieved through repetition. The goal is to be consistently great, not repetitiously stuck in one plan.

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