Small Things Matter

Don’t ignore the small things — the kite flies because of its tail.

–Hawaiian proverb

The power of small things can never be underestimated. Everything big starts out small. Take, for example, a woman nine months pregnant. She doesn’t start off looking like that. When she’s first pregnant, you wouldn’t even be able to tell unless you had x-ray vision and a microscope. But given time, you see the baby get bigger and bigger. Or look at those amazing giant sequoias in the redwood forest – they start off as a tiny little seed, then blossom into the biggest trees in the entire world.
It’s so easy for us to focus on the things that are big, bright, and shiny. But we often miss what it took to get that way. It’s called the behind the scenes work. While we focus on the highlight reel of greatness, we miss out on the dedication, sacrifice, toil and effort it took to get there.Photo Oct 05, 8 44 09 PM
So what’s the key to growing our small seed into something grand and magnificent? It’s all about intentional living.
Intentional living involves taking responsibility for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and freeing ourselves from self-limiting conditioning. It requires gaining clarity about what we want and who we are, owning what we say and choosing how we “show up” in all situations, and for how we want to contribute.
Being intentional requires refining skills, learning to choose to respond vs. react,  and expanding both thought and comfort zones while consciously increasing focus on the experience we intend to create – without defining how it “has to” look.
It’s simple, but rarely easy. Is it worth it? You get to decide.

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