Never Give Up

Keep DreamingWe’ve all been there. That moment when our world seems to collapse around us, the moment when everything we thought would come to pass goes down the toilet. In those moments, it’s good to remind ourselves of others that have been there too, and get going after their dreams, despite what was going on in that temporary moment of failure. Here’s some examples…
Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak until he was 4 and his teachers said he would never amount to much. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and original ideas. Oprah was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she “wasn’t fit for television”. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. At 30 years old, Steve Jobs was devastated after being removed from the company he had started. Decca Recording Studios rejected The Beatles because they didn’t like their sound and thought they had no future in show business.
It’s good to know in the worst of times, that others, more successful than ourselves, have been there before. The challenge lies with what you do in those times. Those who continue to press on towards their dreams are recognized for what they’ve accomplished and live the life they only thought was a dream. Those who don’t, well we don’t know about them because they never amounted to anything after giving up on their dream.
Despite your circumstances, continue to be a dream chaser.

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