Know Your Worth

WorthHow much are your dreams worth? Would you compromise your belief in yourself based on a price tag someone would put on you? People will always try and put a price tag on you, but only you can decide how much you are worth.
In 1975, Sylvester Stallone was inspired by a boxing match and after seeing the fight spent the next 24 straight hours putting together a script for a movie. This movie would turn out to be Rocky. The underdog story would win multiple Academy Awards, including best picture, but the real inspirational part of the story comes from Stallone’s determination to get what he felt was his worth.
At this time, Stallone was so poor he had to stand outside a liquor store trying to sell his dog to put food on his table. He was devastated when he had to let go of his best friend for $50. When he had finished writing the script for Rocky, he went to producer after producer to sell his screenplay, only to get rejected time after time after time.
Finally, offers started coming in. $25,000, $100,000, all the way up to $333,000, equivalent to over $1 Million today. The problem with all of these offers was that Stallone wouldn’t be the leading role in the movie. He constantly got the line, “you’re a writer, not an actor”. Even with just $106 in his pocket, Stallone was adamant about his worth. He knew he could play the role, and better than anyone else could.
At last, Stallone got his wish. For $35,000 he was offered the screenplay and the leading role. His determination and persistence paid off in ways he couldn’t even imagine. Almost 40 years later, the Rocky franchise has earned over $1 Billion dollars. Stallone could have been rich and probably could have become a well known writer in Hollywood , but his mind and heart told him he was worth more than that. He chased his dreams, knew his worth, didn’t settle for anything less, and in the end, lived the life he imagined. Will you do the same?


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